Our French Department went to IFTM Top Resa in Paris

Date 2019-09-16

Every year Baltic Blues Travel exhibits at the leading tourism fair for the French speaking market – IFTM Top Resa in Paris.
It is an excellent chance to strengthen our cooperation with existing partners, meet new potential clients and stay updated on the trends of the French tourism market.

Moreover, we use it as a platform to present news from our destinations and offer new products to our partners. This year we were happy to present guaranteed departure tours for active travelers – Walking in the Baltic States.

It is a new custom-made product for the French Market and combines the best of the leisure and adventure travel types – cultural exploring and active mood. This tour is focused on so called soft adventure with easy walking trails and relaxed pace.

Our Guaranteed departure tours offer:
Customization for the French speaking market
Excellent price: Group prices for individual clients
Excellent quality: services from the highly experienced adventure DMC in the Baltic Sates

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Happiness in Baltic Blues rises up!

At the end of every year all Baltic Blues employers fly from their offices to Vilnius to take part in an annual evaluation meeting and have fun in a Christmas party.

We meet to strengthen cooperation in the international team of people working in different countries, to share our success and work on improvements in case of failures and finally to evaluate how happy we are at work.

It is the second year how we are participating in a project of the Happiness Institute to evaluate happiness index at Baltic Blues.

So, what we can say? We are 90% HAPPY! Great result that is becoming better every year (we were 84% happy in 2018)

Our employees especially value such things as social responsibility in Baltic Blues, fun, meaningfulness of our jobs, relationship and friendship.

Yes, we are happy and willing to recommend Baltic Blues for our friends!

Date 2020-02-17
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Celebration of the New Year - our Signature Event

Come to Radisson Blu Lietuva and have the best start of the Year for the whole family!


For 11 years we have been arranging an outstanding celebration for the Russian speaking tourists and locals in one of the best hotels in Vilnius.

200-300 happy clients every year!

Guests from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Israel and Lithuania

Every year we do:

  • Proffesional entertaiment program in Russian: live music bands, guest stars, comedian show, DJ and many more.
  • Special entertainment program for children.
  • Gourmet dinner with 24 dishes from one of the best chefs in Vilnus.
  • Facinating New Year decorations.

For more information view our event in Facebook 

Date 2019-11-27
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Why the Baltics would be a Good Travel Choice this Summer?

Are you looking for the safest destination this summer? Something that would make your clients feel comfortable and excited about their summer holiday abroad? Here are the reasons why the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are a good choice for visiting in the summer of 2020:

Away from the masses. The Baltic states are definitely not a mass-market tourism destination. Today, going to the hot spots that attract millions of tourists would not be a smart choice. It is better to look for less popular and less crowded yet still attractive destinations such as the Baltic states.

Small population. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are among the least populated countries in Europe, where even the capitals have less than a million people. This makes them an attractive destination for those willing to avoid crowds and travel outside major commercial travel routes.

Safe from COVID-19. From the start of the pandemic, the Baltic states have managed to stop the spread of coronavirus (today there are less than 4,000 cases in all three countries). They were among the first ones to start a staged exit from lockdown. Life and the travel industry are returning back to normal with the opening of restaurants and hotels and restarting of international flights and travel by land by the end of May. The first international flights to the Scandinavian capitals, Amsterdam and Frankfurt became available already from 18 May.

Vast unpopulated and green spaces. Did you know that the Baltic states are among the greenest places in the world, with forest covering roughly 40% of the land area? Just a short drive separates the charming Baltic capitals from unspoiled nature with dense forests, crystal clear lakes and seaside resorts with blue flag beaches and dunes. It is an ideal destination for those looking for a pristine nature with enough space to relax and enjoy their holidays for both guests and locals.

Good ecology. Green woods, small population and low industrial pollution makes the Baltics an eco-friendly destination with fresh air, good drinking water and excellent local products produced in an authentic way.

Easy and short flights. An average travel time of 1.5-3 hours in Europe and short time spent in the small airports with low passenger traffic make the Baltics a favourable choice for European travellers.

Good value for money. In this time when every penny counts, it is especially important to spend your money wisely, and you can do it without sacrificing the quality and comfort of your holiday. Despite the general growth of the economies (in 2018 Lithuania and Latvia were among Europe’s top 10 fastest growing economies), these countries also remain quite cheap with regard to local products, transportation, restaurants, etc. We speak not only about simple local restaurants and budget hotels. What about an outstanding gourmet experience? Or staying at brand new hotels with better services for the price of a mid-range restaurant and hotel in most Western European countries? All this, and more, is possible in the Baltic states.

Date 2020-05-21
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