This tiny country has surprisingly a lot to offer both for nature lovers and cultural explorers. Estonia is a diverse country with unspoiled nature and rich medieval heritage that is surely a good reason to come to Estonia for a short break. You might also choose to combine Estonia with the neighboring Baltic States, Russia or Scandinavia.

In Estonia a mixture of cultural and natural adventures is easy to reach. When you look at the map Estonia you might wonder how such a small country can offer so many things. When you come here you will be surprised to learn that Estonia is considered a magic box with a mixture of easily accessible cultural and natural sights such as medieval towns, elegant manors, dense forests, lakes, swamps and stunning islands in the Baltic Sea.

An only 1-hour drive separates the beauty of medieval Tallinn, an UNESCO Heritage site, from the Estonia’s best National Park, Lahemaa. Because of the close proximity, many of our tours allow you to do a lot in one day, for example spend your morning by exploring charming Tallinn Old Town and later jump in a bus and continue your day by walking in forest trails and paths hanging along the mysterious swamp areas of Lahemaa Park.




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