Although many people confuse the three Baltic States, there are significant differences between them. Latvia has the most historical connections with Germany and Livonian Order, whose influence is evident in the architecture of its medieval towns, castles and Jugenstil buildings.

Its capital, Riga, is the biggest city in the region with the liveliest nightlife. 500 km long sandy beaches and almost a half of its territory covered by natural forests, offer lots of activities for nature lovers.

All of the Baltic states are relatively compact countries, where you can easily reach the main highlights.  For example you can explore Medieval Riga and relax in Sea Resort Jurmala in one day. A typical day can include a morning start with exploring the highlights of Riga, its medieval Old Town and the Jugenstil district, and later take a bus and arrive to a serene seaside resort Jurmala, located only 40 km away. Walk on a white sand beach and enjoy fresh sea breeze mixed with a sweet smell of pine forest. Jurmala is also a great place to experience another Baltic specialty – wellness traditions in offered by great spa hotels.




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