Only a short flight separates major European cities from one of the least traveled countries in Europe – Lithuania. This small North Eastern European country is a great destination for both for culture and nature loverls:

Culture and nature in one day: Just imagine a day where you spend a few hours exploring Vilnius’s Old Town, listed in UNESCO Heritage list and after only 30 minutes drive arrive to a world of serene nature – a land of lakes, little islands and a medieval castle located on one of them.

Curonian Spit – a paradise for adventure travelers: travel to the western part of Lithuania for a nature’s gem and another UNESCO Heritage site – the Curonian spit. It ia a home for high golden dunes, blue flag beaches, millions of birds, sandy and wooded human created landscapes with small fisherman villages.

Brewery traditions and beer road:  what comes to your mind when you think of a beer country? Germany? Belgium? Czech Republic? Well, Lithuania also has own place amongst real beer-lovers. About 80 breweries are producing a variety of light or dark and light or strong beers.




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