After a short glance of the world map, it’s hard not to notice the biggest country in the world – Russia. Its vast territories cover all the climate zones, except for tropical, span 11 time zones and contain enormous diverse landscapes with areas where human beings have yet to step foot. No company can be a true specialist in all of Russia’s regions. Therefore, we focus on the essential experiences and places of interest in European Russia:


Cultural Adventures in two of the world’s “must see” cities. Along with Paris or Rome, visits to Saint Petersburg and Moscow should be on the lists of any traveler who is looking for unforgettable cultural adventures.

Routes for cultural exploring in the Russian provinces, known as “The Golden Ring” – a name for the route with several small towns North-East of Moscow. While in St. Petersburg we recommend that you explore “The Silver Ring” located in Northwestern part of Russia.

Discover Russia’s Soul in Isolated Ancient Monasteries. There are few places where the Russia’s culture is preserved as greatly as in its ancient monasteries. Many of them have very isolated locations, on remote islands, where they hide multiple historical, cultural and art treasures.

10,000 km of ultimate railway adventure. The journey of Trans-Siberian Railway is an extraordinary experience that usually lasts from 6 to 15 days. You will travel across some of the greatest Eurasian rivers, see the highlights of Siberia and Baikal Lake, observe ever-changing European and Asian landscapes and explore Russia’s complexity and diversity.

The World Capital of Amber. Did you know that 90% of the world’s amber the only amber factory in the world, located in the west of Russia, in Kaliningrad region. Most of the raw amber comes from the open-cast mine that is a truly unique sight worth seeing.




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