Sweden is a country of innovative people and strong culture. Let us welcome you to the country of sustainability, innovation, Pippi Longstocking, IKEA, H&M and ABBA. Immerse yourself in the beautiful frozen lands, rocky islands, and huge forests as you explore the great culture.

Let us show you Stockholm‘s ancient buildings in the old town, cathedrals and castles. For all of you culture lovers, you cannot leave Stockholm before visiting the well-known museums such as Vasa, Skansen, The City Hall, and the Abba museum.

Blessed with generally warm, fine summers and cold winters with heaps of snow, Sweden is a country best enjoyed outdoors. Sweden’s coastline is another amazing part to  admire, it takes you onto the land of windswept rocks,  smooth cliffs and fresh breez. While visiting Stockholm you can take a ferry to explore the Stockholm archipelago that consists of about 30,000 islands, islets and rocks.




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