Beaver Ben Camps 2018: our sustainability project continues

Date 2018-07-25

Since 2016 Baltic Blues Travel has been organizing the charity project – ecological summer camps for disadvantaged children in the Curonian Spit National Park.

We organize these camps for 3 major reasons:

  • To organize happy summer holidays for disadvantaged children – something that they would never be able to experience without us.
  •  To raise awareness of environmental issues among children.
  • To protect a fragile nature of the Curonian Spit and minimize the negative impact of tourism.

We invite orphans and children living in poverty to spend 10 days in one of the most beautiful nature parks in the Baltic States – the Curonian Spit. It is is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a live natural museum where long chains of sand dunes and forest are home for rare animals. The mass tourism challenges this unique and fragile environment. Therefore Baltic Blues feels responsibility to protect the beauty of this natural park.


In 2016-2018 Baltic Blues has organized summer 5 camps for 87 kids.

This year we organized 2 summer camps of 10 days for 34 children from 7 till 15 y. o.


They come from 2 Help Centers for socially disadvantaged groups from a small Lithuanian provincial town Birzai. These children live in poverty and most of them have never seen sea or traveled outside their region.

In our summer camps these kids participated in numerous activities, i.e. various workshops about environmental protection, team building and sport games, excursions, trekking, hand-craft classes.

They have also spent 40 hours of cleaning the beach and dunes and collected 8500 liters of garbage.


Moreover every year Baltic Blues’ staff volunteers to spend one weekend cleaning the sea shores together with the children.


We would like to say special thank you to our partners for their financial support:

  •  Alventus viajes, Spain
  •  Kontiki, Switzerland
  • Maretravel, Lithuania
  • Lauvas turs, Latvia

We are happy to share a report from Beaver Camps 2018:

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An Exciting New Destination in our Portfolio – Belarus

We invite you to a still undiscovered and fascinating country. For many travelers it would be the last European country to explore. Belarus is a land filled with primeval woodlands and pristine lakes, rural settings, the historical heritage of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Soviet cities like the capital Minsk.


In 2017 Baltic Blues House opened a new office in Minsk, Belarus, which was a result of the fast growth of the adventure and active travel segment developed by DMC Baltic Blues Adventure.


Moreover, this year Belarus became a visa free country for European visitors (for visits up to 5 days) making it easier and more affordable to arrange holidays there.


The cultural heritage and variety of exciting adventure holidays increased our company’s interest in Belarus. Agricultural, cycling, trekking and many other tours are included in visits to Belarus. Moreover, Belarus has outstanding cultural sights and an interesting history that attracts not only adventure travelers, but also typical leisure tourists. Many of our round trips combine visits to Lithuania and Poland with Belarus.


Our BEST SELLERS in Belarus:


Cultural Adventures: our tours are designed to show different sides of Belarusian history. On one hand, travelers get to see numerous Orthodox churches, castles and palaces left over from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth period including Nesvizh and Mir Castles–two impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On the other hand, Belarus is an important place for those interested in Soviet history and WW2, where Minsk is a superb example of grand Stalinist architecture. Finally, throughout Belarus traditional guesthouses (including converted farmhouses and windmills) provide the opportunity to experience local culture and hospitality, learn folklore and try some of the local produce, such as organic tea, bread, honey and vodka.


Wildlife: 40% of the national territory is forested. Wolves, bears, boars and powerful European bison all roam the countryside, a great destination for hikers and wildlife photographers. We arrange outstanding wildlife tours in National Parks with out-off-the-ordinary experiences–a wolf safari where travelers can take pictures of wolves, following wolf pathways and frequent marking places, which we know well. Additionally, a lot of vertebrate species can be observed, such as bison, elks, otters, beavers, black storks, etc.


Cycling tours: our cycling and walking holidays are excellent for those looking for active recreation that will trigger your imagination and make you excited about the hidden treasures of Belarus. Are you ready to glide through a landscape with eyes wide open and pedal to your hearts content? Baltic Blues cycling tours are here for you! Cycle in Minsk with its monumental Stalinist architecture, explore medieval castles and UNESCO heritage sights and get to know eco villages where you can learn about the post-soviet transition and life in modern day Belarus. Our cycling tours let you move fast enough from one exciting place to another one while still enjoying fresh air, the smell of flowers, listening to bird songs and stopping any time you wish.







Date 2017-10-23
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Aquisition of Tour Operator "Baltic Escape"

We are happy to announce that starting from today Baltic Blues Travel and Baltic Escape are together!

Baltic Escape is an incoming tour operator in the Baltic States working primarily with Belorussian and Russian customers. From now on managers of Baltic Escape will work together with the Russian department in Baltic Blues Travel and will be able to offer a wider range of products and better prices for their Russian and Belorussian clients.

Each tour operator has its own strong points and this consolidation will strengthen our positions in the Russian and Belorussian markets.

Date 2018-05-07
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Every Year We Exhibit at the World Travel Market in London

November 4th-7th we exhibited at the the leading global travel show – World Travel Market in London.

It is a key event for tourism professionals and we always use it as a platform to strengthen already existing business relationship, as well starting new partnership.

We also presented our new special interest products including guaranteed departures “Cycling Tours in Russia“.


This year you could meet our team at the Latvian stand, the winner of the BEST STAND AWARD 2018.






Date 2018-11-08
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