New social project „Little beaver summer“

Date 2016-06-22

“Hello, all to you!“ says little beaver Ben, which invites to summer camp for kids and youth in The Curonian Spit. Do you know, that beavers are social animals living in huge families? We invite you, to join our camp and spend the whole summer in The Curonian Spit by having fun as a united, friendly and happy family.


I am super happy to introduce a new social project „Little beaver summer“ for kids and youth summer activities and recreation. For several years, we have been organizing international excursions to The Curonian Spit. Due to this, we came up with an idea to thank to this unique and special place. We would like to well-groom the natural beauty of this place and have fun by inviting the kids from financially struggling families.


We strive to do good things and enjoy by cleaning the nature, picking up the trashes from tourist hotspots and getting know each other and our lovely nature.  Everyone is welcome and can contribute to this social initiative. Little beaver Ben and several tens of Lithuania kids would be happy and grateful for your attention and kindness.


The Curonian Spit – a narrow, 98-kilometer-long and sandy peninsula which is called the pearl of the Baltic that separates the lagoon from the Baltic Sea. This unique place has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000.  Haven’t been there yet? The Curonian spit is the richest sea lab of human and nature ecological process, which reminds the live nature museum. Only here you can use hands on and explore seaside nature, ecological processes. Nowhere else in Lithuania you will be able to see such a unique nature: sand dunes, dune ridge, pine forests, mixed forests, grasslands, wetlands, ravines. However, here are not many beavers left, only nine families.


The camp idea. We seek to create a possibility for kids and youth to have a free holidays while at the same time learning more about environmental friendliness and responsibility. Our goal is to show, that we have to love our nature as it loves us. Organizing this social initiative we strive to pay youth attention to nature fragility by giving the educational classes, showing the most beautiful places. This teaches kids and youth not only to evaluate the natural and human beauty, but also to celebrate our personal input to a cleaner environment.


This project will be continued. Our vision to make this camp international by inviting kids and youth from other foreign countries. To make this happen, we kindly looking forward for new investment and social partnerships.  Little beaver Ben thanks for your understanding and invites to visit the Curonian spit.


It‘s time not to take, but also to give by organizing the most spectacular summer for the kids and youth and promoting the Curonian spit. We believe in your good will and understanding by inspiring others by doing good things. Each of us are altruists – sacrifice common concerns that are more significant than we are. On behalf of kids and the Curonian Spit, the boy Ben sincerely thanks to all of you. See you soon!



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