Lahemaa National Park

This is the largest national park with striking coastal and inland scenery that takes in an expanse of several peninsulas and bays. You will also find both stony and sandy seashores, bogs, pine forests, old-growth forests, cliff forests, and rivers that have cut into the limestone cliff. This beautiful park offers an extensive network of forest trails for walkers, cyclists and horseback riding that are flat and easy to get on. Cycling or hiking would also the optimal ways to discover this outstanding park’s coastline and pine forests.


Take the 3.5 km Viru Bog trail that will take you through the breathtaking forests and marsh landscapes as it introduce you to the wildlife in the bog and the former sand hills. You might as well get the chance to see some of Lahemaa’s mammals. Travel down south to the Kõrvemaa areas to see moose, boars, brown bears and foxes. Between the Oandu and Altja Rivers you can go on the beaver trail to see beavers and have a picnic while enjoying this picturesque valley.


On top of the outstanding nature, Lahemaa is the home of one of the largest baroque mansions in Estonia: Palmse Manor. Let this mansion provide an overview of the Estonian manor life and architecture throughout the ages, and visit also the open-air museum with their proud parks, gardens and historical buildings.
When in Lahemaa, get on the Altja nature trail to visit the 400-year-old fishing hamlet to see fishing net sheds that were reconstructed in order for villagers to use them just as in old times.  Pass through the stony beaches and try local dishes in the village. If the soviet era interests you then make a visit to see exhibits of the old Soviet Coast Guard barracks and the history of the village in the maritime museum. The visit will leave you breathless, an experience you will never forget.

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